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Attack On Titan Size Comparison 2020

In this video, I will display the sizes of the titans in Attack on Titan, but you should take into account that these sizes were calculated on the basis of my personal estimation by viewing the manga series for this anime, and some of them could be inaccurate, I hope you enjoy watching, and do not forget to subscribe and like the video and share


Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/shadowrealm_2
Timing ⏳
Small Titan 00:05
Meduim Titan 00:09
Large Titan 00:13
Giant Titan 00:17
Cart Titan 00:24
Jaw Titan 00:31
Female Titan 00:38
War Hammer Titan 00:44
Armored Titan 00:51
Eren Yeager Titan 00:58
Beast Titan 01:05
Colossal Titan 01:12
Rod Reiss 01:25
Founding Titan 01:41
Eren Skeleton Founding Titan 01:5
Keywords ️
Anime Manga Attack On Titan Size Comparison 2020
#attackontitans #attackontitan #anime #aot #attackontitanseason #shingekinokyojin
Rocket-DX : Français
Francesco Zanzottera : Solo a me quel coso ricorda il re degli shinigami?
Recon47 : I feel like the Beast Titan is taller than that
inariいなり : おーい日本人いるかー
HeX : Tira o spoiler da thumb tio
Draco Malfoy : Music?
Sydney Hernandez : "jaw titan" bruh u mean ymir lol
Liciane Giehl : Você é br
Luis Rivera : And theme music is unknown to me.
Tan Rat : วัดยังไงหรอคับ

[과학|기술] 구름이 생기고 비가 내리는 촉촉한 토성의 달, 타이탄에 나사가 드론을 날린다! (방사성 동위원소 열전 발전기 드론)

미국의 나사와 유럽의 ESA 그리고 이탈리아의 ASI의 기술협력으로 보내진 카시니 탐사선이 13년간 토성과 토성의 달을 관찰했습니다. 82개의 달 중 타이탄에는 지구에서 일어나는 물의 순환체계와 같은 구름과 비 그리고 강과 바다가 존재하고 있다는 사실을 발견했습니다.
#Titan #외계생명체 #드래곤플라이

TSP NEWS 연락처: tspworldnews@gmail.com

참조 자료:
[1] Cassini–Huygens

[2] Saturn 토성

[3] Christiaan Huygens

[4] Cassini-Huygens overview

[5] A View from Huygens

NASA Titan Overview

[7] 타이탄의 지표면이 2년 만에 30 km나 이동

[8] Dragonfly Mission

[9] Dragonfly (spacecraft)
TSP NEWS [과학기술] : [정정] 화면 자막에 오타가 있습니다. 나사가 보내는 드래건 플라이는 방사성 동위원소 열전 발전기 (radioisotope thermoelectric generator)의 동력으로 운행을 할 것입니다. 화면에는 "방사선"으로 잘못 썼네요. 죄송합니다.
박라펠 님의 지적 감사합니다.
김정철 : 온도가 문제지요.
최성수 : 타이탄을 조사할바엔 화성이 핵무기를 떨궜을때 온도조정이 가능한지부터 알려주세요 13년 걸려서 그리로 가기엔 저희들의 인생이 아깝자나요
Hee Chan 헿 : 타이탄 온난화가 좀 되야 살수 있을듯ㅌㅋ
찌질한새가슴 : 화성보다 생명체가 있을 확률이 더 높았던 행성아닌가요? 화성 이후에 발견되었나요? 왜 진작에 화성보다 먼저 보내지 않았죠?ㅠ 너무 궁금하네요ㅠ
박성원 : 지구많큼 인간에게 가장 아름다운 행성찿기는 정말 불가능에 가까울정도로 힘들텐데 지구를 더 보존하고 되돌릴 연구를 해야지

Cute SCP-682 : 그런 일은 없겠지만 제2의 지구가 있다 해도 인간은 제2의 지구를 또다시 파괴 시킬 거야..
수빈홍 : 표정왜케밝어ㅋㅋ졸라웃기당
김성국 : 흥미롭네요
김난 : 타이탄 룸살롱

Attack On Titan Size Comparison 2020 (Colored)

In a previous video, I showed the sizes of the Titans and you liked that previous video, but I had an idea which is the display of the Titans size, but I colored them and drew them accurately and took care to show the details, and in addition to that I added a Titan that was drawn by a fan of this anime, but it must be noted that this giant Not real, but I wanted to show you some very interesting works, I hope you like it.
Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/shadowrealm_2
Timing ⏳
Small Titan 00:03
Meduim Titan 00:06
Fat Titan 00:09
Giant Titan 00:13
Cart Titan 00:24
Jaw Titan 00:33
Female Titan 00:43
Attacker Titan 00:53
Eren Yeager Titan 01:03
Armored Titan 01:13
Beast Titan 01:23
Colossal Titan 01:33
Pure Titan 01:46
Founding Titan 02:02
Eren Skeleton Founding Titan 02:16
God Of Titans 02:27
Keywords ️
Anime Manga Attack On Titan Size Comparison 2020
#attackontitans #attackontitan #anime #aot #attackontitanseason #shingekinokyojin
Lucas Souza : I Love titan armadured

(Eu amo o titan armadured )
Uplighter Tube : I love it but mine is the best

M1LK TEA : アニメしか見てないからわからないけど、最後のデケェ巨人はいったい誰なんだw
hh00 : human was 30 meters last
ALI PLU : شنو ۿذا الااخير مموجود بالمانجا ؟؟
Mr. Yamadaサトラップ : わー、知らないのが増えてるー
loai sama : ما في عربي
GippyHappy : Then whole point of this was for size and comparison and like half of them are wrong.
>Rod Reiss is 120 meters not 170
>Colossal's head should be just above the wall, here it's up to his chest (assuming the wall was meant for scale). The wall is 50 meters, he is 60.
>We don't have height confirmed on the Ymir Fritz titan. Based on some pixel measurements people have estimated she was around 75 meters, definitely not 240. Still tall, bigger than the colossal, just not that tall.
>We also don't have have Eren's founding titan/skeleton form 's height for that matter. I compared him to the size of the wall titans in the picture provided (which are 50 meters tall as established) and to me it seems he is much closer to about 600 meters, not 1000.
>I just realized that's not even what Eren's skeleton titan looks like. I'm assuming the chapters that show more of this form weren't out yet when this video was made. Anyway the actual size is hard to tell but I found a good panel in chapter 130 which makes him appear to be about 10 wall titans tall or 500 meters. Could be a bit bigger due to foreshortening.

The art work is great, though.
เก็บหมด m.o333 : ไครไทย
Aki Edejer : Siren Head has joined the game.




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