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"Our Joy Eternally" | 2020 JW Convention Song | JW.ORG | Band Collab

(Psalm 16:11) "You make known to me the path of life. In your presence is abundant joy; There is happiness at your right hand forever."

All praise must go to Jehovah. He created music as a gift to humanity. We can enjoy it and, also use the musical talents that he gave us to praise him with our voices and instruments. May all glory and praise go only to Jehovah forever!

Link to the original song:

NOTE: The audio and video were recorded and mixed with love by our dear brothers and sisters from The Netherlands. They want to share their love with all of us in these hard times.

We thank Jehovah in the first place for making this huge project possible, and also feel thankful to our brothers for their hard work, planning, creativity, and professionalism when recording this rendition.

I did not play or participate in the recording of this rendition, I just helped a little bit with the final edit adding the lyrics.

圓桌德州撲克 第3集 PART 4 今集嘉賓:JW


Round Table Poker, featuring Eric Kwok, Wilfred Lau, Vincent Kok and their friends as weekly guests.

This is only a game, not gambling. No money is involved. It’s a tournament where losers must eat their most hated food. Only the winner does not have to eat.

Hope we can make u laugh while we talk nonsense and play poker.

Please subscribe to our channel! And follow our Facebook page!

Music courtesy of 張子堅

#德州撲克 #遊戲 #懲罰

王灝兒 JW - 我不想別離 (劇集 “陀槍師姐2021” 主題曲) Official MV




曲: 徐洛鏘
詞: 張美賢
編: Johnny Yim
監: 何哲圖/韋景雲

我有時會歎息 得我一個太倦疲
我有時卻覺得 獨行自有趣味
是我未慣演戲 沒有一眼叫你傾心這種美
頑強性格 常在戒備

我滿懷上進心 知道一切怎處理
我對誰太上心 只怕再傷不起
但我為抱緊你 就算這世界我都可以捨棄
我獨有的愛 普通的甜蜜 怎相比

明明掌聲在路邊響起 離終點偏差了十里
如天生外在太鋒利 令人行近會閃避
明明天空獨自撐得起 但我依戀你雙臂
難安份別說一起 我不想別離

我滿懷上進心 知道一切怎處理
我對誰太上心 虔誠得傷不起
但我為抱緊你 就算這世界我都可以捨棄
我獨有的愛 普通的甜蜜 怎去與我相比

明明掌聲在路邊響起 離終點偏差了十里
如天生外在太鋒利 令人行近會閃避
明明天空獨自撐得起 但我依戀你雙臂
難安份別說一起 我不想別離

明明花火做夢般燒起 仍差點至吻到你
像氣質亦是太鋒利 令人行近會閃避
明明天空獨自撐得起 但我依戀你雙臂
能安定在小天地 我不想做個傳奇
難安份別說一起 我不想別離

#王灝兒JW #我不想別離 #陀槍師姐2021




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